Heitor Almeida Araujo Brazil

When the twilight of age comes,

it's like watching a sunset, which can be moonlit,

starry, or dark in deep tone.

It is up to us to illuminate the lantern of the heart

with the light of truth.

She who lights up the nocturnal paths,

which will cover time in the universe of the eternal age.

Loving is also a gift.

The most beautiful of all gifts.

It is infinite as long as the sidereal horizon is infinite.

The door of the brain is not closed and the direction

of the Life is not diverted.

Everything is not yet written in the book of our existence.

Distances, space and time are illusions from the point of view of fear.

created by the impatience of cowardice.

It is here that materialistic fanaticism is born which blinds

the magnificent vision of the Evening of Our Time.

Thus we have lost the serenade of a fantastic dawn lit by the moon,

sprinkled with the sparks of Love. But it's time to be reborn.